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Community Group Discussion Guides

Wk 1 — His Presence
Genesis 28:16; 32:22-30

Wk 2 — His Beauty
Psalm 27

Wk 3 — His Justice
Psalm 146

Wk 4 — His Power
Psalm 114

Wk 5 — His Goodness
Psalm 34:1-8, 18-19

Wk 6 — His Joy
Psalm 16

Wk 7 — His Greatness
Isaiah 40:9-17, 25-26, 29-31


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Hundreds (if not thousands) of books have been written on God’s attributes, but many of these are long, textbook-like systematic theologies (think heavy and expensive). We have curated a list of books below that are much more accessible in both written-style and length. Even the ones that eclipse 200 pages have short, well-organized chapters that can be easily digested and incorporated into a regular rhythm of reading and prayer.














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Speaking of prayer, in Knowing God—one of the most notable works on the character of God in the last fifty years—J.I. Packer writes, “People who know their God are before anything else people who pray, and the first point where their zeal and energy for God’s glory come to expression in their prayers” (28). In order to help you read that quote as conviction and not condemnation, we’ve included several books that provide a lot of encouragement and direction in this spiritual discipline. Several of the recommendations directly engage the Psalms and show how we can use the very words of Scripture to shape our prayers.

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